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ANYONE! We want you to get outside and discover all the local Ice Cream shops in our area. Pick up your card at any of the participating shops, the Chamber office, or the tourism booth outside Presqu'ile. 


All you have to do is buy Ice Cream at a participating Ice Cream shop FIVE times - that could mean the same spot five times - or a new spot each time!


This event only runs as long as there are still cooler bags available - so pick up your card and get eating NOW!


Within Brighton AND Cramahe - at any of the participating Ice Cream shops. 


The rules! 

  • You must have five (5) signatures on your Ice Cream event card to be eligible. 

  • Bring your filled card to either the Chamber office or the Tourism Booth outside Presqu'ile to collect your Keepin' it cool cooler bag. 

  • There is ONE bag offered PER filled card. 

  • You can shop at one Ice Cream shop - or 5 different ones! 

  • There is a limit of two (2) bags PER person allowed. Your name will be taken at the pickup of your bag. 

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