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Ukraine Resources

Click below to find resources for donating and learning about the current crisis

Where to Donate

An organization specializing in bringing resources and support to women and girls in area of poverty and armed conflict

A foundation that focuses on addressing psychological affect of conflict on Children

Provides backpacks filled with first aid, medicine, and means for survival to Ukrainian Doctors, Citizens, Volunteers and Military. One backpack could help up to 5 persons.

Helping those who were already members of a marginalized group, who have now become displaced.

Where to learn

Based in Toronto, this organization provides shelter, food, medicine, etc. to those who are affected. This is a great place to get information about refugees and immigration efforts.

An English-language Ukrainian news outlet. This is a great source to start your research

An Instagram page with resources offering one free psychotherapy session to Canadian-Ukrainians living in Ontario.

A place to find Ukrainian-speaking professionals to offer psychological support.

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