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January Wellness Series

Sunflower Health Shop
Chamber Member

Sunflower Health Shop.jpg

Sunflower Health Shop & Services opened in Brighton in July 2013. We support over a dozen family run businesses. Supporting local is very important to us and our community.

My interest in natural medicine started at the age of 4 when my Dad took me to an herbalist (Dr. Ottway). It opens ones eyes to live naturally and in harmony and be grateful to the feast of this beautiful land of Mother Nature. One of my biggest eye openers was in California where I visited vitamin plants and learned the difference when it comes to quality. The difference between heat processing and cold processing. The difference between rice protein used on tablets versus pharmaceutical food glaze shellac number 4 (used on furniture).

I have many favorite vitamins. Vitamin D of course and getting enough of it! Probiotics are always one of my number one suggestions, and currently NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) and Quercetin.  A real Godsend is Oil of Oregano. It can cut through congestion and infection like nothing else.

We can eat well and do our best, but if we get a cold or flu do not be hard on yourself! Take the time to look after your health. REMEMBER! Our bodies are working all the time defending us. Getting a cold once in a while is not necessarily a bad thing it gets our bodies to naturally detox.

Our health is in our hands.

Whole Health Brighton
Chamber Member

Whole Health Brighton is a multidisciplinary clinic ready to service all your needs! Offering services including Athletic Therapy, Medical Esthetics, Audiology, Chiropractic and MORE!

Whole Health Brighton is the first and ONLY Independent dental hygiene clinic in Brighton. Whole Health also has Brighton's only Medical laser offered with a Medical Esthetician. Looking for products that promote your health and wellness? Shop in-store with the help of Whole Health's impressive team of care providers.

Visit Whole Health online to view services, books appointments, and learn more about personalized care RIGHT HERE in Northumberland

Whole Health.jpg

Speakeasy Cannabis Co.
Chamber Member

Speakeasy Cannabis is a 100% Women-run operation in downtown Colborne. Their specialty? BEAUTY PRODUCTS! You can shop:

Skin Masks

Facial Serums


Bath products and MORE! Take care of the skin you're in, you've only get one!

Visit their shop for an ultra-sleek peek at their Prohibition styled decor, featuring excellently authentic antiques.

The Speakeasy Cannabis team loves being part of a small town, and supporting local as much as possible. Contact the team today to learn more about products and discounts!

Olivia Flegg, RMT
Chamber Member

"I graduated from Fleming College in 2015 and soon after began my practice. Keeping the body healthy and in motion is my motto and my passion. Being an RMT enables me to help others do this.

I was an athlete growing up and was always fascinated by the human body and how it works! I practice in a multitude of health care modalities and am always expanding as I continue to build my knowledge and experience through ongoing education and real world application.

I love applying what I’m learning in Osteopathy during a massage treatment. Clients are usually very interested in seeing how they can feel better from a different approach."

Two fast facts about Olivia!

"I love running and working out. It helps not only my physical but mental health!"

"I am a popcorn junky. I love movie theatre popcorn! It is the reason I go to movies. I miss it so much during lock down!"

Olivia Flegg resized.png

Century Cycle
Chamber Member

Century Cycle resized.png

"We grew up riding bikes like a lot of people and enjoyed the freedoms and benefits it gave us from an early age.

As we entered our 30's we became more conscience our health and began including cycling more into our lives. Saving some gas (and the environment) here and there by commuting to work or for the short trips across town. Soon we found an excuse to include cycling in any way we could for not just our exercise but our leisure time as well, it is so good for the mind and body.

The joy that two wheels brings us far outweighs the health benefits and cycling can be a much easier form of exercise to sustain, even in the winter as fat bikes become more popular.

There can be as much joy in fixing a bike and returning it to the owner as well. The decision to be in the bicycle business is an easy one if you consider all the great things that come out of it and the impact it can have on a community when there is no shop around. We thoroughly enjoy when members of local riding clubs stop by the shop for a visit, a reminder of the comradery that cycling brings.

When it is time for fun we almost always reach for our bikes. There are some very nice roads and landscapes to explore in Northumberland but our favourite place for fresh air is the woods. You will quite often find us in the Northumberland Forest, Goodrich-Loomis Conservation area or at Batawa Ski Hill enjoying the many trails systems that surround us. We also enjoy walking our dogs and snowshoeing there when we can."

Best Foot Forward Orthotics
Chamber Member

"Hi I'm Beth Greenly! BFF Orthotics is a woman-owned, locally established business here in Brighton, as well as being the first and ONLY pedorthic clinic in the area! I'm a Canadian Certified Pedorthist who specializes in custom handmade orthotics! I offer footwear modifications for specific needs such as a leg length difference. BFF also offers compression socks, knee bracing, ankle bracing, plantar fascia night splints and more!

I started my pedorthic journey just over 4 years ago after obtaining a degree in Kinesiology and then moved onto graduate studies in Pedorthics. I has since worked in multiple clinics including Oshawa, Peterborough and even British Columbia before returning to my roots in Northumberland in 2019 to go off on my own right here in Brighton. I have a passion for helping people, which has been the key to BFF's success. I have been happily applying that passion alongside my years of schooling and field experience into every single Orthotic I put my name to. Learn more about Pedorthics and what BFF can do for you by visiting the website or feel free to send me a message on her facebook page!" - Beth Greenly, Owner

BFF Ortho resized.png

Gidget Ovsenek
Chamber Member

Gidget Ovsenek.png

My name is Gidget, and I’m a Registered Holistic Nutritionist RHN, RHNP™️ specializing in hormone balancing, gut health, weight loss, and holistic healing. I’ve created a unique program that targets your health concerns and helps you heal. I get to the root causes of your symptoms to rebalance your hormones, improve your gut health, boost your energy, moods and enhance your overall health.


Whether you suffer from weight gain, bloating, IBS, digestive issues, gut pain, fatigue, acne, mood swings, anxiety, PMS, PCOS, menopause, low sex drive, bad sleep, I’ll work with you to discover the imbalances affecting you and gently guide you on a journey of holistic nutrition, herbs, supplements, and lifestyle changes that will help you heal your gut and achieve optimal hormone health. 


After working with dozens and dozens of clients, what I see time and time again is that chronic health issues are usually rooted in poor gut health and imbalanced hormones. By healing your gut and balancing your hormones, you get to end IBS, digestive issues, bloating, exhaustion, mood swings, bad sleep, weight gain, brain fog, bad periods, PMS, low sex drive, and anxiety. Transform your health once and for all.

Lighthouse Books
Brighton Business

The story of the Lighthouse bookstore is somewhat of a romance

Kathryn Corbett and her husband Dan LOVED the Lighthouse bookstore. When they heard that it may have to close, they decided to take a leap of faith and invest in the little bookstore on Main Street. In February of 2016, Kathryn and Dan purchased the store from the previous owner, who graciously worked out a plan that would work for everyone. The goal wasn’t to make a massive profit, but rather keep an extremely special store open, and keep the love of reading in Brighton alive.

“I love feeling independent – its all up to me what I stock! The relationships that I build with the community really help me choose what will come into the store next. One of my favorite parts of owning the store is when a reader comes in hoping for more books in a series. Sharing the excitement about these books is amazing” - Kathryn

What does this have to do with Wellness? Wellness starts on the INSIDE of course! Reading is about putting the screens down, giving your critical thinking-side of the brain a break and letting creativity soar. Not to mention the benefits of learning new ways to soothe your mind, body, and soul. Click the links below for some of Kathryns favourite books to help your wellness!

For daily quotes to help ‘find perspective and embrace life’s challenges’

"A recent favourite of mine! It’s a laugh out loud satire about a man not coping very with the modern world of Social media"

"A warm, funny story about a kindhearted but overly anxious young woman finding herself in a new job"

"Just released novel with socially awkward but endearing main character. One of those books you just have to get back to until the mystery is solved"

“This is a great book for pre-schoolers and primary grade kids to explore their feelings with amusing animals characters and hilarious illustrations.”

Next up on Kathryns reading list is:

Lighthouse Books resized.png

The Birdhouse Nature Store
Chamber Member

image0 (3)_edited.jpg

“If Covid times have taught us anything at The Birdhouse it’s that feeding and watching the birds is an everyone in the family activity! The tougher times got and the longer we go into this, the more our clients have dug in and fed the birds. Why is this? Because mentally it was great for everyone to watch the activity at their feeders. It brings you into the present moment, and can be almost a meditative experience, at least until the squirrels get involved! Feeding the birds also provided a much needed excuse to get outside, to clean and fill the feeders, which relieved us from our own 4 walls. Many people who weren’t feeding before the pandemic, are now backyard birders for life.

The joy of watching the activity on the feeders, making property counts, checking different books to ID the birds to see who was actually visiting and picking favourites, have added some much needed calm and perspective in a world that has many times felt upside down. And in feeding the birds, you are actually helping the birds and supporting species whose numbers have been in drastic decline for many other human activities, which is just another way to bring some balance into life. When you feed the birds, really, you’re feeding your soul.

Happy Backyard Birding!” Bobbi Wright, Owner

Northumberland Health and Wellness Centre
Chamber Member

Your friendly, community wellness stop. Established in 2016, Dr. Amanda Mei has grown her clinic with a solution based model of care.

Our collective aim is to solve your health issue, treat holistically and empower you to feel in control of your health and wellness.

With a wonderful group of integrative health professionals we are able to work as a team.

Let registered massage therapists Hannah Strutt and Mark Bowie, Naturopath, Dr. Andrea Bull, and Chiropractor, Dr. Amanda Mei, help you get back to your best self.

Our service include;

- Chiropractic care

- Acupuncture

- Bowen treatment

- Massage therapy

- Shockwave therapy

Book online on our website or give us a call at 613-475-2800.

"All the best in 2022,

Your NHWC health team"

NHWC FB Chamber post .png

A message from the Chamber on Bell Lets Talk Day

Mental health.png

My name is Laura and I am the person behind the day-to-day at the Chamber. Much like most of the province, I have a different way of working than I’m used to. Contrary to what social media may have us believe, working at home isn’t logging on from your couch in your PJ’s anymore. Since working from home has become more common, it seems that careers all of a sudden expect the same level of work-commitment if not MORE than before the Pandemic. That certainly takes on toll on our mental health.

Here are some tips that I personally use to help me create a line between work and personal!

1) Limit “checking in” on work during your personal break – Business owners never stop… which means the Chamber never stops! While you might not be able to ‘turn off’ work at 5 like most of the world, at the very least, create some time every day where you stop checking in on work, and check in on yourself. You might only be able to spare one hour – make that hour ALL about you.

2) Create some comforts at your work space. Light a candle, run a diffuser, listen to music, or invest in a “Daylight” tool. Working from home is still in your HOME, so it’s important to create a tiny bit of peace at your station.

3) WRITE IT DOWN! There’s a lot going on in your life right now. Don’t try to be a hero. You WILL forget something important. Write everything down, create a schedule, or a to-do list. Don’t let this list overwhelm you. Take on one task at a time. And remember – when you try your best… that IS good enough. The same goes for parents trying to work and help their children with schooling. You know your limits, so take a break when you’ve hit them.

4) Limit the caffeine – Yes, you read that right. It was very easy at the beginning of the pandemic to polish off an entire pot of coffee, all by myself….before noon. This just adds jitters on top of your already hectic day! Plan out your caffeine, or opt for something a little gentler, like tea! Maybe you can take a walk to some of our local café’s or eateries for a coffee AND some fresh air! Win-win

5) Reach out for help – This one is especially for local Businesses and Businesses in the Chamber. I am here to hear you. I WANT to hear you. Come to me with your concerns, thoughts, ideas, and hopes. The Chamber’s #1 goal is to offer support to the community and its businesses.

Stay tuned for more features!

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