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Writing an application

Coming up in 2023

The Chamber is hard at work to bring you TONS of new benefits to your membership in 2023. Coming soon to memberships (so far....!)

  • Redesigned Newsletter

  • Updated Job Board

  • Custom Business Directory 

  • Events and shows 

  • More personalized social media plan

  • Public event Calendar service

Click HERE to view resources regarding the Ukrainian Crisis

  • What can WE do? 

  • Donate to legitimate organizations that offer supplies and support to Ukranians

  • Educate yourself on what is currently happening, and be sure to learn from accredited sources

  • Look locally to see if your area has groups that support Ukrainian-Canadians near you. Look for ways to support refugees coming to your town


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Building Strong Businesses & Communities.

The Brighton Cramahe Chamber of Commerce is a nonprofit, membership-supported organization. We strive to facilitate the advancement of commerce, tourism and community interests in the Municipality of Brighton, Township of Cramahe and surrounding areas. 

The Chamber supports efforts to enhance the local business environment and provides a strong voice in advocating with government regarding legislation impacting the local area and economy. The Chamber also provides information on business, trade opportunities, training, direct referrals and opportunities to network with other members.


As a member of the Brighton-Cramahe Chamber of Commerce, businesses also become members of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

Youtube Channel

Click below for some Videos on our channel talking about our Business Achievement Awards. more are available through the link

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