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Steel Guitars of Canada

  • Steel Guitars of Canada (SGC) is the only music store in Canada specializing in Pedal Steel Guitars, Lap Steel Guitars, & Resonator (Dobro) Guitars…..all of which are played by sliding a ‘steel tone bar’ up & down the strings.
  • Since Al started playing ‘Pedal Steel Guitar’ in 1964, it was inevitable that he became involved with building, repairing, selling, & teaching steel guitar over the years.
  • Therefore Al Brisco is one of the most knowledgeable people in the world pertaining to steel guitars, as well as operating his business, doing most of the work himself with assistance from a part-time bookkeeper.
  • SGC has knowledge in:

            -customer service
            -importing (99% from the USA)
            -receiving & stocking inventory
            -maintaining a web site
            -QuickBooks accounting software
            -preparing shipping & government forms for shipping
            -shipping local, USA & International

…& many other aspects of running a business.