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Hoselton Studio Limited

From start to finish, from the raw ingots of aluminum to the sparkling shimmering beauty of each completed item, it is obvious that quality and pride go hand in hand at Hoselton.

To the uninitiated, the Hoselton process seems relatively simple - in a nutshell:

    • An original image is carved, a mould is made using a process known as sandcasting, and then a molten aluminum alloy at a temperature of 1200 F is poured into the mould and allowed to cool. 

    • A long polishing process, including at least three different hand-polishing steps, gives each sculpture the soft, lustrous, non tarnish finish that typifies a Hoselton sculpture. 

    • To give the wildlife sculptures a life like setting, rough stone bases of native quarried marble are used

    • The occasional minute pit created by the casting process testifies to the artisan's technique and makes no two pieces exactly alike. 

  • Each piece is individually signed, signifying the inspection of approval. To maintain the lustrous gleam, you may wish to clean your pieces with glass cleaner and a soft cloth.